What we do

Green’s is the market technology leader in the design and fabrication of economisers, waste heat boilers, land and marine boilers, steam air heaters and other pressure parts. Our products and services are exported around the world from our factory in Wakefield, UK and we are proud of our reputation for reliability and top quality products. We offer a complete design, manufacture, repair, site install and spares service.


Our solutions capture waste heat produced by burning biomass, waste and conventional fuels (coal, gas, oil) and use it for a range of applications. We have supplied economisers for more than 400 power stations worldwide ranging from 100MW to 1000MW.


We design and manufacture customised solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors including pulp and paper mills, steel mills, sugar mills, food processors and chemical plants as well as general manufacturing, They use our solutions to process flue gas streams so that they can reheat water for other plant applications


From the largest cruise ships and tankers to individual superyachts we provide tailored solutions to meet operators’ waste heat recovery system requirements.


Green’s provides a wide range of aftermarket services so that our customers’ economisers and waste heat recovery systems keep working as efficiently as possible for their entire lifetime. From proactive inspections and surveys to reactive repairs and spares supply we have a reputation for providing fast and reliable aftermarket support.